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Our Mission


We know the power photography holds.

It's about more than just pictures. It's about what matters most to you. It's about what makes you, YOU. It's about the happy tears that flow down your cheeks when the sweetness of what is most dear to your heart is captured in a beautiful and artistic way that makes you overflow with joy. It's about the healing tears of grief that roll when an image brings back happy memories of what once was.

We know, because we have experienced it.

Meet Becky and Tori, the photographic team of Calico & Chrome Creative! Photography and Horses are two passions we both share because of the stories God has woven into the fabric of our lives. Our goal is to bring beautiful and meaningful photography art to others and let our love flow through our work to capture what is seen and felt with the heart. 

Learn more about us and our stories behind the camera below . . .

Becky Henderson

With at least 4 years of photography business under her belt and so many years that she can't remember of shooting as a hobbyist, I think it's safe to say that photography is her thing! 

Besides photography, she enjoys all things equine, her sweet pack of 3 dogs, her house-chicken Violet, singing at church, or being on a boat somewhere soaking up the sun. #Floridagirl through and through! Her faith in Jesus is always number one and her family runs a close second. Her husband Joseph, and two kiddos Ellie and Colt are the loves of her life. Being a wife and mom is the greatest adventure!

Tori Kistler

Tori is a local Tallahassee “horse crazy” girl! Photography has been a passion of hers for many years and she recently joined the Calico and Chrome Creative team. She loves kids, baking, and anything to do with horses! She currently rides dressage - both western and classical, but also has a passion for drill team, working equitation, and mounted archery. She loves to caputre the special bond that is formed between a rider and their horse, and memorializing that relationship through her camera lens.