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Photography & Videography for horse people, by horse people.

Tallahassee Equine Photographer

Life may not always be perfect, but your photos can be.

Sometimes life is messy, stressful, and not what we imagined or hoped for. It can throw us curveballs and feel like a rollercoaster. It's full of highs and lows. But photos, once taken, never change. They freeze a moment in time, and the possibilities are endless.

You don't have to have the most picturesque location, perfectly-well-behaved horse, perfectly-well-behaved child(ren), or even perfect weather. We are all about being flexible and rolling with the punches. And with a bit of patience and expertise, we can help you create perfect images, regardless of the not-so-perfect circumstances.

See what clients are saying about Calico & Chrome...

These ladies are professional and make every experience amazing! You will laugh and smile the entire session because they make you feel like family. There’s none of that weird or awkward silence. The love they provide during a session is top notch. Could not ask for a better experience or more friendly photographers. 

Heather Rogers

Photo by Jeremiah Mercer, Engrafo Portraiture, 

We know horses, and we know horse photography.

Becky Henderson
Owner & Photographer

Tori Kistler

Meet the horse girls...I mean, photographers . . .

Simple, Fun & Just what you need.

We keep things simple. We work with a simple setup that keeps you (and your horse) comfortable during your session! You only pay for the photo package you want after you see your photos, and get $$$ to spend on prints, to boot! Ensuring you get the most out of your professional photos . . . that's what we do.


Proud photographer of the NBHA FL District 01 Barrel Racing

NBHA Logo / Calico & Chrome Creative, North Florida and South Georgia Equine Photography

Gallery Solutions

Not sure what products to order for displaying your favorite professional photos? We literally have an app for that.

Not only do we create beautiful images for you, we can help you figure out how to display them.

FSU Dressage / Calico & Chrome Creative, North Florida and South Georgia Equine Photography

Official sponsor of the Seminole Dressage Team

FSU Dressage / Calico & Chrome Creative, North Florida and South Georgia Equine Photography

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